"Outstanding content and high-caliber presenters."
- Dr. Richard Romney, General Dentistry. Oceanside, CA

"Absolutely excellent! I learned so much!"
- Anonymous

"Thank you so much! Fantastic 2 days!"
- Anonymous

"A great learning experience. So many great speaker. The 2 days were packed with new ideas and solutions to every days challenges we face in our everyday practice of dentistry. I recommend this course highly to my colleagues."
- Dr. Masoomeh Eskandari, Los Angeles, CA

"Excellent speakers, great learning venue & multidisciplinary presentation. It will definitely improve my practice."
- Anonymous

"I wish I could have absorbed everything; a ton of practical, useful information."
- Dr. Doug Ferrell, Prosthodontist. Ventura, CA

"Really liked the speakers. They were very prepared and got to the point."
- Dr. Gerard Schmidtke, General Dentistry, Oro Valley, AZ

"All who organized this symposium should rightfully be very proud."
- Dr. Sherwin N. Davidson, General Dentist. Los Angeles, CA

"Great 2 days! Learned a tremendous amount, and has invigorated me. I can't wait to get back to the office."
- Dr. Carl D. Werts, General Dentist, Glendale, CA

"Fantastic speakers presenting a wide variety of topics relevant to dentistry today. This class is a must to stay on top of innovations & trends in dentistry. Great value for the CE’s, too!"
- Dr. Cindy Kudlik, General Dentist. Fullerton, CA

"In perspective I enjoyed the course because it challenged me. To stay current for the best patient outcome one must be challenged and encouraged to seek better information. This symposium has done that."
- Dr. Richard Wolven, Periodontist. Brentwood CA

"This was better than advertised. Organized, succinct, well organized and presented topics/courses."
- Dr. Frank P. Warda, General Dentist. Merced, CA

"I have attended all of the past four Symposiums and have found them to be very stimulating and informative. Materials and techniques are continually modified or introduced - this is the place where you learn about what works and doesn’t work to get the best treatment for our patients. This is a must educational experience whether you are practicing or educating. The information is topical and useful for everyday practice."
- Dr. Leon Unterman, General Dentist. Los Angeles, CA

"The USC Restorative Symposium provides all practitioners with the highest standard level of information. From the clinical tips of everyday’s practice to the cutting edge technological of the future, all is well represented with a perfect balance. This annual meeting is THE place to be if you want to discover, learn and improve yourself."
- Dr. Amir Aalam, Periodontist. Brentwood CA

"It was truly a great educational experience to participate and learn in an authoritative and world-class dental conference. Go Trojans!"
- Dr. Robert B. Gerber, Implantology. Los Angeles, CA

"All speakers were super-prepared to provide valuable, cutting-edge information - within one hour! Exact decision-making guidance!"
- Dr. Albert Mizrahi, General Dentist. Los Angeles, CA

"With the vast array of continuing education courses offered in dentistry, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth attending. Based on the feedback I have received from doctors and what I myself have observed, I can tell you without hesitation that the USC Symposium is one of the finest programs available. The speakers are world-class, the sessions are informative, and the format is interesting. The Symposium is the perfect venue to be educated, motivated, and inspired. I urge my clients to go every year, and I invite you to do the same."
- Jody Much, Account Manager Patterson Dental Supply. Los Angeles, CA